How much first-party data should you have?

No one is in any doubt that first-party data is the most important form of customer data, but how much should you have?

Based on your predicted marketing database size, we can tell you if you're over or underperforming on data collection.

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Why first-party data is so crucial to rights owners

Whether your business objectives are focused on increasing revenue, participation, or engagement, you'll know the difference that using data to help inform decisions and personalise your communications can make — and how valuable an email address can be to your digital strategy! 

What's more, the majority of web browsers will end the use of third-party data by 2022, and this means that a healthy database of first-party data will be even more essential to your future marketing plans.

So an important question is - how much first party data should you have?

By providing us with just seven unique data points we can:

          Tell you your organisation's predicted database size.

          Show if you're over or underperforming when it comes to the collection of first-party data, and empower you to take steps to increase the size of your database.

          Help you to secure more internal support for data collection plans if required.

          Potentially provide you with a great story to share with sponsors and stakeholders.

After applying our formula to our own clients' statistics we found that as many as 1 in 3 had less first party data than they should have, based on their predicted marketing database. However, it isn't until you have this insight that you can start working on delivering more success through data growth strategies.

Find out more about how we calculate your result based on these seven data points.

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Note: all information provided will be treated in confidence and any benchmarking we provide to participants will be 100% anonymised.